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What is it like to work as a court reporter at one point in a career and 
switch gears to humor writing? What is organizing the schedules of hundreds 
lawyers like on a daily basis? What does moving from a large city on the 
west coast to a small town in Massachusetts feel like?
Suzette Martinez Standring's name, although not familiar to many of you, 
has had a profound effect on what you read. The immediate past president of 
National  Society of Newspaper Columnists, Suzette speaks tonight about 
trends in newspaper column writing.  What happens to newspapers as more and 
of us get our news from the Internet and other venues? What are the current 
trends in columns now?  How does one go about getting a column and obtaining 
attention of a newspaper editor>? Where do ideas come from? What qualities 
must exist  for a column  to be successful?
Join us tonight and meet one of the most enthusiastic guests we have had the 
privilege of interviewing on Books And Beyond. Standring has much to say 
columns and the craft of column writing. Who does she admire? Suzette will 
talk  about her own book on  the art of column writing featuring some of her
favorites. Come, listen, and learn who they are! Now look below for how, 
when and where to hear this show.
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