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As a very small child, Roger Dean Kiser's life took a sudden and dramatic 
turn that changed his life forever and resonates still  today. Placed in an 
, Roger lived  a childhood entirely different than he ever expected.  From 
that day forward, his life was filled with trauma and the hardship or not 
loved, something the rest of us can barely begin to imagine. How does a 
child cope in this  frightening  situation? How does  he  deal with life 
when life
suddenly changes without explanation? As Roger told us while a guest on a 
previous Books And Beyond show, life in an orphanage has repercussions that 
in all relationships and always will. What happened to the other orphans who 
shared this life with him? How did they bond and make a family of each 
Does that bond hold true today? Whom do you trust when all you thought you 
could count on has vanished? How do you go forward with optimism? Is it 
to make a success     of a  family of your own? Does a bleak and uncertain 
past presage an uncertain an insecure future? Roger Dean Kiser is our first
return guest and a friend to Books And Beyond we cherish. Join us tonight 
and travel with him in to a dark past. . You will hold your children closer 
you are a parent, care about children even more if you are not; Most   of 
all, you will be warmed by Roger's concern and passion for children most of 
rest of the world either does not know about or chooses to ignore or forget. 
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