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Have you ever read a book and found yourself moved to the core by the
narrator's ability to bring a book alive and take you in to it as if you
were right there?  What is it in the ability to read that makes it possible
for some people to bring us to tears or to any other heart felt emotion? Do
you ever wonder what makes anyone choose to read for hours on end to people
they seldom meet? Have you ever wished you could know more about these
treasures of our lives? Would you just like to say a heartfelt thank you for
all the time and talent they have given just to us?

If you would like to address any one or all of these questions,  I want to
invite you to this week's taping of Books And Beyond. Our guests tonight
will be a father and daughter who read for The National Library Service,
Jack Fox and his daughter Jill. Do they critique each other's reading or
make suggestions? What did Jack read to Jill and her sister when they were
children? How did he foster a love of reading in  them?

To learn the  answers to these and many other questions, come to Books And
Beyond tonight to meet two very special people who have been part of our
lives, and are,   in my view, national treasures on the grandest  scale who
deserve our appreciation, accolades and so much more.
Now look below for how, when and where to hear the show.
To participate in the taping of Books & Beyond, go to
>  and click on the politics room. If this is your
> first time, your computer will download the appropriate software to allow
> the virtual chat room to function. Just follow the prompts and enter the
> room and join the discussion.
 We tape the show each Thursday morning at 0 hours UTC, or Wednesday evening
at 8pm eastern time. After the show, write to bonnie@xxxxxxxxxxxx with your

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