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Hey, Jerry,

We are still shopping, but we are considering the Sound Devices 722, which has a startling price tag of about $2,500. We are also considering the Marantz PMD 670, which is a popular field recorder among broadcast journalist. At last check, it retails for about $800 to $900, which is quite a bit less. On the low end, we are also considering a Fostex unit, which is actually an eight track unit, but only capable of recording two tracks at a time... price tag of about $199.

As you can tell, it can vary quite a bit. My fiancee has differing needs, than do I, because I am also a musician, and do quite a bit of multi track recording.

There you have it, and I hope it helps you a bit... we are off to a live recording gig for my Honey, but I will check email again tomorrow!

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So, what did you end up using?

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Hey, Guys!

   There are a number of podcasts on the DS series of recorders on the
blind cool tech website, several of which, Neal Ewers did, and he is a
master at making sure you know all of the plusses and minuses of the
recorders.  He covers things like the floor noise of the preamps, which,
depending on how professional your recordings need to be, can make a

   In my case, I am the recording engineer for my fiancee, who happens to
be a professional speaker, so the DS series proved not to be the recorder
for us. We needed something pretty quiet for her marketing CD's, as well as

something we could do live recordings on the road for her podcasts.

   In terms of accessibility, the DS series is very difficult to beat
though.  If you are looking for a day to day workhorse of a recorder, with
no need for extremely quiet preamps, then the DS series might be the animal
for you.

Good luck!  It is very difficult to decide these days!

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Okay, thanks!

I am looking at the DS40 or 30... They are rather expensive.

Can you describe the voice prompts? What kind of information do they

On 2/4/08, Steven M. Sawczyn <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Feb 4, 2008, at 1:29 PM, Shane D wrote:
SD:  How is the sound quality on that unit? Also, what format does it
record to?

> SS:  Well, the sound quality is amazing.  I was very very impressed
> with the clarity even with the little cheap-feeling stereo mic they
> include.  The unit records in WMA, but for podcasting and such, I
> just convert the wma to MP3 and find it works out fantastically.



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