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  • Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 21:10:47 -0000

Hi Shane,

I personally recommend the Edirol R09. It has quite a high price tag, but I've used it to record all sorts - interviews (both in quiet and noisy environments), described mobility routes to various places, recording choir practices and church services, and even to give people vertual toures of organs and pianos!

I used it to record the sight village interviews on Main Menu (
) and some of the seminars on the T&T Consultancy 'blog (


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Subject: Portable Recorders

Hello All,

I am a blind podcaster and internet radio host. I would like to
purchase a descent portable recorder to use for recording podcasts and
radio interviews. I do not have enough vision to opperate a screne

I am wondering what kind of recorders you guys use.

- Shane

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