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  • From: Shane D <chatter8712@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 21:55:25 -0400

I was looking at the Zoom H4. Anyone have any experience with this unit?

On 3/27/09, JULIE MELTON <jewelsong21@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Roger,
> IF you want something fairly accessible, the Olimpus recorders are probably
> the best.  There are recorders like the DS50 that have talking menus.
> However, I have one that doesn't talk, a WMS300, that has few menus and is
> easy to use.  Recorders such as the Soom and the Ederol are good, but
> accessibility is a real problem.  With my zoom I had to get sighted help to
> learn all the menus, and they are pretty complicated imho.
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>   Hello,
>   I'm considering a portable recorder. I want something that will record
>   voice as well as recording music at a decent quality, and I'd like to
>   be able to transfer the files over to my computer. I also want
>   something that I can learn to use without sighted help. If anyone has
>   recommendations and specs, please send them along.
>   --
>   -Shane
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