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I'm not widely versed in this area but I know you'll find a number of reviews on on various recorders like the Eterol and Olympus series and more. You didn't indicate if you want to record with built-in mics or will use external. I happen to have recently recieved the Plextalk Pocket recorder. I am quite impressed with the recording capabilities and only lukewarm on the playback support of different media it currently supports. You can read more on the Plextalk website
It should be known that the Plextalk Pocket will record in Wav and MP3 but these files will be in a Daisy book folder structure. Therefore, the actual audio file or files will need to be copied from the Daisy book folder to whatever you want to do with them, say for editing.

At 09:29 AM 3/27/2009, you wrote:

I'm considering a portable recorder. I want something that will record
voice as well as recording music at a decent quality, and I'd like to
be able to transfer the files over to my computer. I also want
something that I can learn to use without sighted help. If anyone has
recommendations and specs, please send them along.

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