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No, it does not matter. What matters is that your file is in the same directory as the index page if you're typing in the file name. Make sure you look carefully at punctuation when entering it in.

<li><a href="newsletter.htm">Newsletter</a></li>

Nimer J
On 05/06/2009 09:45 AM, LISA BROOKS wrote:

Tried it and it still looks the same. I went back and made sure my file name newsletter.htm was spelled correctly. Just don't understand why I can type it out manually and it goes but won't make a link. I tried putting in the whole url in the code and it wouldn't go that way either?

My public htp thing has 4 other files in provided by the host does that matter?



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You would do

<li<a href= "newsletter.htm"> News Letter</a>

I think that's right.


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    Ok, here  is another question.

    On my home page

    I want people to be able to click on the newsletter link.

    I created a newsletter page and saved it in the public htp in the
    same list as index.htm and I called it newsletter.htm

    But on my home page when I open it in my browser there is no link
    just a bullet and it says newsletter.

    I can manually go there by typing  in

    There it shows my newsletter page.  What am I doing wrong in not
    being able to link it straight off the home page?



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