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Attention all Victor Reader Stream Users! (From the NFB-NEWSLINE Team)


[a web version is available at:]

Longueuil, QC, May 6, 2009 -- NFB-NEWSLINE, the largest electronic newspaper 
service in the world for the blind and print-disabled, providing free access to 
over 280 newspapers and magazines, is pleased to announce the launch of 
NFB-NEWSLINE Online (Web site:  Through 
NFB-NEWSLINE Online's breakthrough and innovative features, subscribers can 
enjoy both an enhanced experience in reading the news as well as dramatically 
increased flexibility in how they choose to access their favorite publication 
content.  We are now able to provide Victor Reader Stream users (Web site: with full and innovative access to all of our 
publications through one new initiative, NFB-NEWSLINE In Your Pocket.

With NFB-NEWSLINE In Your Pocket, users of the Victor Reader Stream can 
experience an increased flexibility and functionality with NFB-NEWSLINE and can 
more easily and quickly get their news through their digital talking book 
player.  NFB-NEWSLINE In Your Pocket is a dynamic software application that a 
subscriber installs on his or her computer that, through an Internet 
connection, automatically downloads the publications of the subscriber's choice 
to his or her Stream (the publications will be available in your Talking Books 
Library).  Through this revolutionary initiative, subscribers can use their 
Victor Reader Stream to gain easy and immediate access to their favorite 
publications and enjoy the reading experience that is offered with a 
DAISY-reading device.  NFB-NEWSLINE In Your Pocket dramatically increases both 
the content and value of your Victor Reader Stream; why not subscribe today?

For further information about NFB-NEWSLINE In Your Pocket, visit and select "NFB-NEWSLINE In Your Pocket."

"HumanWare congratulates NFB for this initiative", says Gerry Chevalier, Victor Reader 
Product Manager. "Reading the publications offered by NFB-NEWSLINE is highly valued by the 
subscribers of the service, and through this initiative access to those newspapers is now better 
than ever for Stream users. We value HumanWare's partnership with the NFB, who has assisted us 
through the design process of the Stream, and we also appreciate the tremendous support of the many 
NFB members who have purchased Streams and provided valuable feedback."

As well as trying the new NFB-NEWSLINE Online, Stream users will want to be 
sure to upgrade their Streams to version 3.0 software. The new software release 
provides navigation of multi-level bookshelf folders, the ability to search in 
text files including publications offered through NFB-NEWSLINE, a new bookmark 
alert feature, and more. To read the 3.0 Release Notes and download the new 
software visit:
Another new NFB initiative, Web News on Demand, is also now available.  Web 
News on Demand provides all of NFB-NEWSLINEs traditional features over a 
secure, text-only Web site; this initiative affords an enhanced search 
capability as well as the ability to e-mail a full newspaper, a section of a 
newspaper, or a single article to the subscriber.

For further information about Web News on Demand, visit and 
select "Web News on Demand."

To learn more about NFB-NEWSLINE, please visit; if you'd 
like to subscribe to the service, you can fill out the online application form, 
write to nfbnewsline@xxxxxxx, or call (866) 504-7300.  In order to be eligible 
for NFB-NEWSLINE an individual must be a US resident who is legally blind or 
has a physical or learning disability of such a nature to prohibit the 
independent reading of newspapers.  Eligibility is not dependent on, or 
restricted to, affiliation with any particular consumer or support 
organization; the only thing that matters is the inability to read the 

If you are already an NFB-NEWSLINE subscriber, you can access these new features today by 
visiting and selecting the "Log On" link; once you've 
entered your codes, you'll need to consent to our Terms of Use agreement.  You will then 
be able to access all of your favorite publications by reading them online or by 
downloading them to your digital talking book player.

About the National Federation of the Blind

With more than 50,000 members, the National Federation of the Blind is the 
largest and most influential membership organization of blind people in the 
United States.  The NFB improves blind people's lives through advocacy, 
education, research, technology, and programs encouraging independence and 
self-confidence.  It is the leading force in the blindness field today and the 
voice of the nation's blind.  In January 2004 the NFB opened the National 
Federation of the Blind Jernigan Institute, the first research and training 
center in the United States for the blind led by the blind.

About HumanWare

HumanWare is the global leader in assistive technologies for vision, including products 
for the blind and visually impaired. HumanWare's products include BrailleNote, the 
leading productivity device for blind people in education, in business and in their 
personal lives; the Victor Reader product line, the world's leading digital talking book 
players; and myReader2, the new version of HumanWare's unique "auto-reader" for 
people with low vision. For more information visit

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