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If you want it to be in a list, you would do the following. Jeff was close.
<To start your list, if you haven't already, you do:
Then, to do the lin, you do:
<li><a href="newsletter.htm">newsletter</a></li>
Then, you may want to put a line break or a horizontal rule. For a line break, do: <br /> and for a horizontal rule, you do <hr /> Remember, you do not have to do both, just do one. This is so that your links are not cluttered on one line.

Nimer J

On 05/06/2009 09:34 AM, Jeffrey Shockley, School Laptop Edition wrote:
You would do
<li<a href= "newsletter.htm"> News Letter</a>
I think that's right.

Jeffrey Shockley
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    Ok, here  is another question.

    On my home page

    I want people to be able to click on the newsletter link.

    I created a newsletter page and saved it in the public htp in the
    same list as index.htm and I called it newsletter.htm

    But on my home page when I open it in my browser there is no link
    just a bullet and it says newsletter.

    I can manually go there by typing  in

    There it shows my newsletter page.  What am I doing wrong in not
    being able to link it straight off the home page?



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