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You should put any that are missing just above the page number and header line. 
 If you come to a page number and header and JAWS doesn't say page break just 
above it, then there probably isn't one there.  You should insert one at that 
point just above the page number.

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  Hi all,

  I am still validating "the Summer I Dared" by Barbara Delinsky.

  I suspect when I finally upload it, (smile) It will be in excellent reading 

  I have written a note a few days ago-and i don't know if was boring (haha) or 
not-but i never got a thought from anyone.

  It was regarding page breaks.

  Throughout the book, i find i don't hear via jaws "page break" in a lot of 

  My view  normal is checked.  I go down through the words and paragraphs and 
don't find the page breaks.

  However, the book is vastly improving in it's readability-and I am doing my 
very best to get the book to excellent.

  So i want to know if I should put page breaks-but this is confusing to me-and 
I just don't want to disturb the book. 

  I don't have a scanning device-and all i have is jaws and windows and pc.

  thanks for any thoughts.

  linda k.

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