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That's only if the page breaks are missing and you choose not to put them in.  
Validators are not required to read through a book as you are doing.  It is 
perfectly legitimate for someone who doesn't choose to read through an entire 
book for whatever reason that has - at least more than a few - missing page 
breaks to reject it.  But if you choose to add in any that are missing as you 
read along, then by all means do so.  It will get a book into the collection 
that otherwise would not get in, or if it was passed by a minimalist validator, 
one that was missing page breaks.  So keep going, don't reject, if you are 
willing to see it through to the end, putting in any missing page breaks and 
fixing up anything else that is needful as you go along.

Good luck.

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  Oh, no!

  I have put 14 days in this book and I should reject it?

  linda k.

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