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Dear Laura Ann and Friends,

Laura Ann, when you asked me to explain how to locate page breaks I heard 
laughter from all over the country, from all of the volunteers here who really 
know the answer. I'm touched that you asked me, but it's only time and my love 
of books that get my validations in shape. When it comes to my computer they 
know I'm in a thorny thicket, getting stabbed at every other keystroke. I don't 
remember the proper names for things and press this when I desperately meant to 
press that. So, for your own protection and to save my dignity, I won't be 
posting instructions here. 

The only reason I offered to help Linda off list is that she knows me and puts 
up with my double talk. And she knows I'll send her to the experts if my 
suggestions aren't helping. Besides it was a good excuse for us to stay in 
touch. Last night we sorted out page numbering, and had a good gossip and lots 
of laughs. 

You are in great hands with our monitors, Gerald, Kellie, and Jake, and the 
volunteers like Katie, Julie, Evan, Pratik, E, Sarah, Grace, and the others who 
either know what they're doing and or actually like and understand how 
computers think. 

And, Laura Ann,  it sounds as if you already have a good grasp of the process. 
Let us know what you are submitting or tell us when one of your validations is 
approved. We'll celebrate with you and then some of us will go off to read your 

Always With Love,


"My story is finally out there in the ether, a self-sufficient organism beyond 
my control, changing shape in every new mind that absorbs it."
From The Night Listener, a novel by
Armistead Maupin

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  would you explain on list.....I know I am interested too.
  I would like to read what you have to say.
  Laura Ann
  At 12:36 PM 8/22/2006, you wrote:

    Dear Linda,
    We know each other from VIP Sheep Talk and the Reading Club for the blind. 
If you like, I can explain about page breaks, rejecting books and more off 
list. Don't be discouraged. I've learned my validating tricks half on and half 
off list. There couldn't be a more perfect pass time for people who enjoy 
reading and tidying up text. 
    Always with love,
    "Maybe I should write a book called one hundred and one ways to use a 
frying pan." 
    Sam Gamgee 
    in Tolkien fanfiction by Alatariel

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      Hi all,

      I am still validating "the Summer I Dared" by Barbara Delinsky.

      I suspect when I finally upload it, (smile) It will be in excellent 
reading shape.

      I have written a note a few days ago-and i don't know if was boring 
(haha) or not-but i never got a thought from anyone.

      It was regarding page breaks.

      Throughout the book, i find i don't hear via jaws "page break" in a lot 
of places.

      My view  normal is checked.  I go down through the words and paragraphs 
and don't find the page breaks.

      However, the book is vastly improving in it's readability-and I am doing 
my very best to get the book to excellent.

      So i want to know if I should put page breaks-but this is confusing to 
me-and I just don't want to disturb the book. 

      I don't have a scanning device-and all i have is jaws and windows and pc.

      thanks for any thoughts.

      linda k.

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