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Hello Dave. I made it clear at least twice in my message that those were only suggestions. I know from experience that some things often get overlooked. I was not trying to pick on anyone. Therefore, I don't really appreciate you pointing out the obvious or feeling as though you needed to correct me. I was only trying to be helpful as I mentioned. Since you mentioned it, the only major requirement, apart from valid copyright, title and author information is that the book is complete. Often one can guess by looking at the last page whether it is complete or not, but not always unless you actually read enough of it to get the context. I suppose I should have mentioned that before, but I really thought it would be enough mentioning twice at least that I was only making suggestions. I normally don't include my original message, but Dave included it so I'm leaving it here. Please point out how I was unclear that I was only trying to make a few suggestions.

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I feel obliged to point out to any of the newer validaters that this is Tony's personal methodology, and not a requirement of Bookshare. I didn't want to see anyone who is just getting into validating become overwhelmed by the prospect and just call it quits. The more you validate, the better you will get, the easier it will become, and the higher you will set the standard for your own personal efforts.


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Hi. That's good for you! That means $5 off your next renewal, and that always helps. However, I would like to suggest something. I don't mean to dampen your spirits or anything, but please do a thorough spell check to remove scanning errors. Some of them can be easily fixed with a search and replace, like the split words, but often the only way to find scanning errors is with a full reading through and using a spell checker. In this regard, I have a custom dictionary for Word that I have developed. It has both American and British spellings and has greatly helped me lately in validating. Here are a couple examples of what I mean:

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