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Hello and welcome to the list. You will get a lot of ideas and tips from this 
list. What software do you use to scan with, what ever it is, we all can handle 
it but I think most of us use kurzweil.
For skype contact bobwichitaks
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  Hi Laura Ann,

  Welcome to the list, and thanks for volunteering.  Bookshare is a great 
concept that has done so very well because of all the wonderful volunteers out 

  I also love reading, and a good friend has told me that I've probably 
downloaded more books than I'll ever read in my lifetime.  He's certainly 
right, but this way I know I'll have them in case I want to read them.

  I'd love to talk with you about essential oils and things.  At one point, I 
was considering making perfumes and such, and may yet one day.

  Have a great day.


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  I am new to the list but have been submitting books and volunteering for a 
year now.

  I was in massage therapy school here in Texas the beginning of this year so 
couldn't handle the volume of email until now.

  I am a professional pet sitter in College Station Texas in  business with my 

  We love it and I am working to get my human massage certification License for 
Texas....I then plan to take a course in canine massage.

  I love reading and really enjoy all the books I have downloaded from 
  I look forward to getting to know you  guys.

  Laura Ann

  Laura Ann and Lucile  Grymes
  Young Living Essential  Oils Distributor
  High quality Essential Oils and personal care products

  Agape Petsitting
  Phone: 979-680-0022

  You can Design Products with your pets photos on them 
  (calendars, candles, gift wrapping paper, and greeting cards)

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