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Sounds like there should be a page break just before the author's name to
me.  If it's a running header as I suspect, then there's little chance that
one shouldn't be there.  You'll have to make that call based on the way the
text reads.  Keep in mind, though, that it's possible for the OCR software
to goof when scanning two pages at once and append the right page to the
bottom of the left page.  I've seen this happen many times, and  the running
header for the right page was occasionally placed at the top of the page
with the left running header.  When that happened, the page break actually
went in the middle of the page and not before the second running header.

Remember, too, that you have Amber to help you determine whether or not a
page break is missing.  Her offer happens to be in the message at the very
bottom of this reply.

Also, if you find a word where the first half is at the bottom of one page
and the second is at the top of the next, then please go ahead and put the
two halves back together.  It doesn't matter which page the word ends up on
either.  Just choose the one which looks the most appropriate for that



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Hi guys:  The more I read that help file, the less I retain of it.  In
editing, are we to put in page breaks where it seems they should be or not?
I think, for example, there should be a page break when it shows the
author's name throughout the text.  Or should the author'a name be edited
out?  In one instance, it came right in the middle of a word.  Should I
connect the word?  How much editing power do we actually have here?  Patti

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  Good luck.  Let me know if you need help.

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