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  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 18:42:10 -0500

In very good quality, just submitted in rtf is Summer Light. 
I have already read quickly through the whole book, and found/fixed the very 
few errors that there were. 
Just a small note not to rank it's  quality based on the automated spell 
ranking. This book contains occasional words or phrases in French.  
Pasted below is the jacket information.

May Taylor works as a wedding planner with her best friend and great-aunt, 
passing on the timeless traditions established by her grandmother and mother. 
The Taylor women have always believed in the presence of magic in everyday 
life--especially the simple magic of true love and family. Yet May's own faith 
in true love was destroyed years ago when she was abandoned by the father of 
her child. Still, she has found joy in raising her daughter Kylie--a special 
five-year-old who sees and hears things that others cannot. Her unique visions 
will lead May to a love she never expected and a life she never imagined.

Martin Cartier is a professional-hockey player and sports legend. But celebrity 
has never been enough for Martin. His father, Serge, a hockey champion, taught 
him to play the game...and to win at all costs.

Now his handsome, polished exterior barely hides a core of rage, heartache, and 

It is Kylie who first glimpses the role

Martin will play in May's life and her own. May and Martin feel an immediate 
attraction, but each fears being hurt again. Yet the intensity of their 
attraction leads them to begin to believe in a shared future. But just as 
happiness as a family seems within reach, Martin's past threatens to tear them 
all apart. Only Kylie sees the way home--and only May can lead them there, if 
she can somehow finally believe that miracles can come true....

Deftly illuminating the everlasting bonds among mothers, daughters, fathers, 
and sons, Luanne Rice celebrates life's simple pleasures and the joy of meeting 
the one person you are destined to love forever. Summer Light is a moving 
tribute to the enduring power of love and an exhilarating testament to the 
magic always at work in the world for those with the courage to see it.

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