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Well, I can't claim credit for doing ALL of the work with all of those books.  
There were 22 books that had been scanned by other volunteers (and a few by 
me), so I merely OCRed, saved, and submitted most of them.  (There are still 
another 30 books waiting for office volunteers to edit before submitting them.  
Books that are for specific projects have to be edited before submission but 
the books I submitted were just for general usage, which is why they weren't 
edited before submission.)  Some books that I've scanned have been submitted by 
other volunteers, so it all evens out in the wash.  So consider the books to be 
from the Bookshare office rather than just me.  The reason I use my name 
instead of 'Bookshare Volunteer' is so that if there are problems, the 
validator has a name to use to ask questions.  I hope all this makes sense...

Allison <alwaysallie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Wow Carrie, now I feel like a great big under-achiever!  <smile>.  No, really, 
good for you.  That's a lot of books, and we're lucky to have people to  do so 
much scanning!
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Just submitted (without any editing)
Moving Mama to Town by Ronder Thomas Young
Simply Sexy by Linda Francis Lee
Deadly Valentine by Carolyn G. Hart
Galaxy: Thirty Years of Innovative Science Fiction by Pohl, Greenberg and 
Nothing Personal by Jason Starr
Uniform Justice by Donna Leon
The Hunting Wind by Steve Hamilton
The Tightrope Walker by Dorothy Gilman
The Waiting Game by Elizabeth Cadell
Never Look Back by Ridley Pearson
The Tragedy of X by Ellery Queen
The Siamese Twin Mystery by Ellery Queen
The American Gun Mystery by Ellery Queen
I also submitted these but can't find them on the download list, so I guess 
someone has grabbed them already:
Words of Science and the History Behind Them
The Cutout
The Music Lover's Handbook
History of Art
All of these books are at the Bookshare office, so if you find something 
garbled during editing, just ask me or Marissa. We can find the book and tell 
you what it should be.
Thx, Carrie

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