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Hi Julie,
  There are 2 more dog books that I kept to validate myself, because they both 
have side insets that wreaked havoc in the RTF file I'm sure.  The books are:
  Golden Retrievers for Dummies, and
  Dog Health & Nutrition for Dummies.
  So there are 2 more dog books you can look forward to reading!
  Cheers, Carrie

Julie Morales <mercy421@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
          Oh, thanks so much, Carrie! I download every book about dogs that I 
see come up on the site so I definitely will be getting these and appreciate 
you submitting them! Take care.
  Julie Morales
Life is a gift from God. What we do with it is our gift to Him.
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Just submitted 4 non-fiction books for dog lovers:

The Healing Power of Pets by Dr. Marty Becker
A-1 K-9 Dog Training Made Easy by Anet Haithcox
The Koehler Method of Dog Training by W. R. Koehler
A Dog for the Kids by Mordecai Siegal

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