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I think that most often when a book does not get categorized it is because it is a publisher quality book and the publisher just did not bother with that before submitting it. However, I think that can be fixed easily. I just recently downloaded a book that, even though it was categorized, had a paucity of information in the metadata. Specifically it did not have a publisher nor an ISBN there. I did a quality report pointing that out and the very next day those metadata on the book's detail page were filled in. I very much suspect that if you do a quality report saying that such and such category or categories need to be added to the metadata it probably will be.

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I got a couple of new books that I was planning to scan and when I started
checking them out, I was beginning to groan because they weren't going to be
easy scans at all!! Pictures, lots of variety of fonts and colors and who
knows what, worse than usual! I'd checked Bookshare a few weeks ago to see
if they were available and they were not. But, on a wild hair or some such
thing, I just decided to look again last night. What a nice surprise to find
the books had been added into the collection since the last time I looked.
Oh, huge, big sigh of relief!!! The "Pioneer Woman Cooks" was really going
to be a big drag, but it's kind of a fun book, now I can just sit back and
enjoy!! "Southern Plate" might not have been so bad, but, hey, I'm just as
glad as the next person to just be able to pick up a book and read it and
not have to work so hard first!

I downloaded the brf file of Pioneer Woman Cooks and there are issues with
the way the fractions come through probably because of the symbols and I'm
going to check out the daisy as well to see how things come through, but the
book is very usable. There are places where's no space betweens the comma
and the next word and fractions do come through pretty strange at times but
can figure them out.

Oh, and also, am just curious why some of the books don't get categorized,
like these two books, for example.

Anyway, thanks, Bookshare!


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