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Hi, Valerie, that's interesting to know about the pictures because in the
introduction the author talks about how she did her own photography and she
amkes it sound like it's like maybe barely passable or something but I
figured she's probably just being modest. She just seems like such an
interesting person, her life definitely didn't go the way she had planned
when she started out and she had to make a lot of adjustments to her ranch
life. I'd heard other people comment about the pictures in that book, too.
She writes well, too, so it's a fun read.


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Hi, Charlene and others! 

I downloaded Pioneer Woman Cooks and the fractions are irregular and not all
the same at first glance.  I can see it could be a problem for a speech
reader.  I have to say, I am stunned with the images in the daisy with
images file.  Often step-by-step pictures which would be VERY helpful for
dyslexic cooks!  This book looks really interesting as it weaves the
author's life story amongst the recipes.


On Jul 29, 2011, at 6:39 PM, Charlene Ota wrote:

I downloaded the brf file of Pioneer Woman Cooks and there are issues with
the way the fractions come through probably because of the symbols and I'm
going to check out the daisy as well to see how things come through, but the
book is very usable. There are places where's no space betweens the comma
and the next word and fractions do come through pretty strange at times but
can figure them out.

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