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Your guess is correct. Book Quality Reports get acted on rapidly around
here and are your first recourse for problems with books in the
There is also a whole in-house workflow built around PQ books that have
poor metadata even before they get to the collection. In fact, Mark
Lind-Hansen has been coming I every Thursday like clock-work to manage
that list.
It used to be the case that publishers saw no economic value to providing
good metadata. Thankfully that attitude is slowly changing:


Scott Rains

On 7/29/11 5:23 PM, "Roger Loran Bailey" <rogerbailey81@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>I think that most often when a book does not get categorized it is
>it is a publisher quality book and the publisher just did not bother with
>that before submitting it. However, I think that can be fixed easily. I
>recently downloaded a book that, even though it was categorized, had a
>paucity of information in the metadata. Specifically it did not have a
>publisher nor an ISBN there. I did a quality report pointing that out and
>the very next day those metadata on the book's detail page were filled
>in. I 
>very much suspect that if you do a quality report saying that such and
>category or categories need to be added to the metadata it probably will
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>>I got a couple of new books that I was planning to scan and when I
>> checking them out, I was beginning to groan because they weren't going
>> be
>> easy scans at all!! Pictures, lots of variety of fonts and colors and
>> knows what, worse than usual! I'd checked Bookshare a few weeks ago to
>> if they were available and they were not. But, on a wild hair or some
>> thing, I just decided to look again last night. What a nice surprise to
>> find
>> the books had been added into the collection since the last time I
>> Oh, huge, big sigh of relief!!! The "Pioneer Woman Cooks" was really
>> to be a big drag, but it's kind of a fun book, now I can just sit back
>> enjoy!! "Southern Plate" might not have been so bad, but, hey, I'm just
>> glad as the next person to just be able to pick up a book and read it
>> not have to work so hard first!
>> I downloaded the brf file of Pioneer Woman Cooks and there are issues
>> the way the fractions come through probably because of the symbols and
>> going to check out the daisy as well to see how things come through,
>> the
>> book is very usable. There are places where's no space betweens the
>> and the next word and fractions do come through pretty strange at times
>> but
>> can figure them out.
>> Oh, and also, am just curious why some of the books don't get
>> like these two books, for example.
>> Anyway, thanks, Bookshare!
>> Charlene
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