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Oh, dear. I left the alphabet letters on the right because that is the way  
they appeared in this dictionary and in ala dictionaries an encyclopedias. 
Hopewfully bookshare will move them to the upper left.
Henceforth I will write the word chapter chapter before chapter nunumbers and 
titles. When I doublecheck the paginationin the book I'm proofing now I'l try 
to remember to do that.

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>Dear Cindy and Booksharian Friends,
>Cindy, I'm not sure I understand your question, 
but I'd like to mention that I write the word chapter before the chapter 
number, and when there is a chapter name as well, I format it as 
>Chapter 1: Arriving home
>I was taught this format by a Bookshare staffer, 
who also instructed me to put chapter names as above in size 16 font. Before 
that I was using 14, but changed to 16 when I was instructed to do 
>As for letter names on a dictionary page, I'd 
suggest putting them flush with the left margin. I'm not sure that 
Bookshare tools would leave them against the right margin anyway. Speaking from 
a reader with very low vision, if I use my eyes, I can't scan pages or lines. 
It's hard for my eye to search out a character at the right margin. I can't 
track empty white spaces. which makes reading tables in print impossible. I 
naturally work my way down a page from the left margin. I would miss centered 
titles, too.
>When I started volunteering, a blind proofer who 
was an official Bookshare advisor instructed me to left justify a whole book 
before I began proofing. I realize that aesthetically this is visually boring, 
but it's much easier for people with a small visual range or whose eyes move 
constantly, to navigate. Since Bookshare is about adapting books to make them 
accessible, I think it's encouraged to maximize navigability without changing 
the actual content of the words.
>The word chapter before chapter numbers enables 
those of us with braille displays to navigate by chapter since font size 
help our equipment to jump from chapter to chapter. 
>By the way, I just finished "The Lady Vanishes 
about a dog trainer turned investigator, the third in this series I've read 
Bookshare, and am currently reading, "The Dead of Winter," a Louis Kincaid 
mystery set in Michigan. I proofread every day, but I read Bookshare books in 
bed on my Braille Note, and during the day when I want to relax. These books 
beautifully done, very clean and accurate. I appreciate them 
>Always with love,
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>>I'd like to know that,   too.  I don't think 've ever  added the word chapter 
>>before a  chapter number,although I think, at least in the penultimate book I 
>>finished  and the one I'm currently working, there are also a chapter titles 
>>below the  number. I've made them both 16 bold. However,  in my recently 
>>uploaded  dictionary, all I've done is put the alphabet letter in the far 
>>right upper  corner, in 16 Bold.
    question...if the Chapters of a book are represented simply by the number 
    the chapters, without actually showing the word "chapter" should we add 
>>>Ex: Should1 be changed to Chapter  1

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