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  • Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 15:20:12 -0800 (PST)


The most effective way, though not required, is to
download a book you're willing to read and read it,
making corrections, i.e., correcting scanning errors
(we call them scannos), eliminating junk characters,,
putting in page breaks if necessary, as you go. If you
have Kurzweill, Elizabeth says to do a spell-check, (I
forget what it's called) but that won't catch words
that are spelled correctly but are the wrong word in
context, e.f. modem for modern (m for rn is common),
the numeral one for the capital I, etc.

That's is in brief. Oh--if a word is hyphenated at the
end of  sentence but is normally not a hyphenated
compound word, delete the hyphen. If the word comes at
the end of a page, decide whether to put the whole
word at the top of the next pageor the bottom of the
first page.

Any questions you need to ask, feel free to ask here.

--- johnorourke1951 <johnorourke1951@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Good Afternoon List Members: 
> Does anyone on this list have a summary of the most
> effective methods for validating books.  I've signed
> up as a volunteer for Book Share but my Cano-scan is
> not powerful enough to perform rapid book scans and
> in addition I do not have a document feeder. 
> Therefore, I am able to validate books that have
> been scanned by others.  On Bookshare.org is there a
> summary page for people wishing to validate books. 
> At this point, I'm hoping to validate about six or
> so books per month.  
> Thank you for your consideration and attention. 
> Happy holidays to all.  
> John O'Rourke
> johnorourke1951@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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