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The publisher is Minotaur books and they are on the list of publishers whose 
books it's safe to scan and proof. I don't see it on the latest NY Times 
bestseller list Is bookshare still obtaining and processing  books from that 
list, including mas market paperbacks? If so and yu want to wait a week or two 
maybe it will show up

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>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] book request
>Hi Folks, I never pay attention to book requests because I'm a proofer, not a 
>scanner, but this time, I have a request of my own.  I just got a notification 
>that Dana Stabenow has written a new novel in which her two prominent 
>characters are featured.  It's called Restless In The Grave.  It's supposed to 
 coming out on February 14th.  Is there any way that Bookshare or one of the 
volunteers could get a hold of it and scan it?  I will proof, gladdly, if 
somebody will scan.  I really don't want to buy the Kindle edition because I 
don't have the Kindle stuff on my new 'puter, and I hate the voice they use.  
Not only that, you can't read the dumb books except on your computer.  I'd 
really really love Bookshare to do this book!  I don't suppose its publisher is 
one we have in our list of donors?   Don't know
 who publishes Stabenow books, but I could find out if necessary.
>Would somebody please forward this to the right place.  Thanks.
>Ann P.
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