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Just submitted One Yard Short: Turning Your  Defeats Into  Victories by Les 
Stexkel with Rob Suggs.

For many of us, our lives are marked by missteps, disappointments, and hard 
times. And when we see those in the spotlight achieving success after success, 
we despair because our own lives don't seem to work out that way. 

Coach Les Steckel understands. One Yard Short is the amazing story of Les 
Steckel. A coach for 34 years, with 23 of those seasons coaching in the NFL, 
Steckel holds the dubious honor of being the most-fired coach in NFL history. 
And, unbelievably, most of the time's he was fired, he had experienced winning 
records with his teams. 

A lesser man would have given up and become bitter, but in the midst of each 
disappointment, each "failure," God was there, picking him up, dusting him off, 
telling Coach that He believed in him and that there was a special plan for his 

In One Yard Short, Coach Steckel teaches readers through his own life lessons 
and football experiences how to hear God's voice in the midst of 
disappointments and failures. 

Jim B


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