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Just submitted another book that is on the wish list.
Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget by Marianne J Legato with Laura 
Tucker Copyright 2005.
From the Publisher
Men and women ARE different . . . and this book from the founder of gender 
medicine uncovers the neuroscientific reasons behind age-old disputes between 
men and women, while providing a groundbreaking, authoritative, and 
reader-friendly guide to resolving these differences.

Why won't he ask for directions? Why does she always want to talk about the 
relationship? Why can't he see that something is bothering her?* But perhaps 
the biggest questions Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget resolves 
are: Why is it so hard for men and women to understand each other . . . and 
what can we do about it?

According to Dr. Marianne Legato, an internationally recognized expert in 
gender-specific medicine, male and female brains are chemically and 
structurally different. And scientists are now finding out how these 
differences cause us to approach problems and experience the world in such 
dissimilar ways.

So how do we bridge this physiological gap? Dr. Legato provides strategies and 
tips for learning to "think" like the other sex in order to get past our 
differences-and offers smart advice for dealing with issues wherever they 
arise. This trailblazing book will enable readers to understand each other-in 
both personal and professional relationships-like never before.

Jim B

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