[bksvol-discuss] Re: Stymied on accepting validated books

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Here are some things that you might find helpful in navigating.  Whether you
are using JFW, Window-eyes, or IBM HP reader,  They each contain series of
keystrokes for quick navigation.  You will have to refer to the help
system/manual to get the specifics..  For example, we know that when you go
to upload the books that ou have downloaded for validation, the book's
title, author and a series of links are located in a table.  So if you use
the navigation keys in your screen reader to jump from table to table, you
will come to the table which contains the book that you've downloaded.  

If you want more specific information about the key strokes to use, please
give us the name and version of your screen reader.  That will help us give
you more info.

Hope this helps.


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Part of the secret is to use the "find" command in your screen reading
program to skip past the book's history.  I look for "upload" a lot, and
that gets you past some of the junk and to the links that matter.  I do
check to make sure the info. about the book is correct first.  But to skip
through all the history of the book, etc., I use the "find" command and look
for "upload".

- Jackie McCraw

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> Heloo,
> What have poeple been doing to accept books for vailidation.  I havent
> able to accept a book in weeks.  I can reject books, and have done so, but
> Ive been trying to accept the Turn Of The Screw for weeks and cant do it.
> I get reassuring notes that I should be able to this.  Maybe the list know
> something I dont.  I think the page expires too fast for to us to navigate
> such a large site with a screenreader and should subdivided more for
> navigation..  By the time you figure you figure things out, set MSAA mode
> off to fill out forms and re-navigate to proper field, youve wsted a lot
> time.  Any ideas?
> I could send this book as an attachment to one of our fearless leaders.
> This book is in excellent shape, I only wanted to fix one mistake.  Thanks
> for letting me vent, because I simply have run out of options.
> Debra Hernstrom

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