[bksvol-discuss] Re: Stymied on accepting validated books

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 23:07:57 -0700

Part of the secret is to use the "find" command in your screen reading
program to skip past the book's history.  I look for "upload" a lot, and
that gets you past some of the junk and to the links that matter.  I do
check to make sure the info. about the book is correct first.  But to skip
through all the history of the book, etc., I use the "find" command and look
for "upload".

- Jackie McCraw

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> Heloo,
> What have poeple been doing to accept books for vailidation.  I havent
> able to accept a book in weeks.  I can reject books, and have done so, but
> Ive been trying to accept the Turn Of The Screw for weeks and cant do it.
> I get reassuring notes that I should be able to this.  Maybe the list know
> something I dont.  I think the page expires too fast for to us to navigate
> such a large site with a screenreader and should subdivided more for
> navigation..  By the time you figure you figure things out, set MSAA mode
> off to fill out forms and re-navigate to proper field, youve wsted a lot
> time.  Any ideas?
> I could send this book as an attachment to one of our fearless leaders.
> This book is in excellent shape, I only wanted to fix one mistake.  Thanks
> for letting me vent, because I simply have run out of options.
> Debra Hernstrom

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