[bksvol-discuss] Re: Stymied on accepting validated books

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  • Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 21:06:05 -0700

Hi, Debra. I'm not sure why you're having problems accepting books, and I'm
not sure what you mean about the page expiring too quickly to get the job
done. I've never had any problems in either case, so I can't be of much
help. I don't find that it takes that long to fill out the simple form
requested when you accept a book. Take care.
Julie Morales
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What have poeple been doing to accept books for vailidation.  I havent been
able to accept a book in weeks.  I can reject books, and have done so, but
Ive been trying to accept the Turn Of The Screw for weeks and cant do it.
I get reassuring notes that I should be able to this.  Maybe the list know
something I dont.  I think the page expires too fast for to us to navigate
such a large site with a screenreader and should subdivided more for easier
navigation..  By the time you figure you figure things out, set MSAA mode
off to fill out forms and re-navigate to proper field, youve wsted a lot of
time.  Any ideas?

I could send this book as an attachment to one of our fearless leaders.
This book is in excellent shape, I only wanted to fix one mistake.  Thanks
for letting me vent, because I simply have run out of options.

Debra Hernstrom

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