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He wrote a book called Floating Dragon which was about a town of people being affected by ... well, something anyway, and things going very wrong. That sounds like a distant relative to what you've described, not sure if it matches. That was from the early 80's.


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Didn't he write a book, it was similar to black house about a weird
chemical thing that was causing people to lose there skin, there was a
house in the woods that was very similar to the house in Black house,
but I read this book I am thinking of under the influence of a lot of
Lortab when I broke my collar bone and have no clue what the name of it
was.  I do remember it was Straub, however.

Rose Combs

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I much agree. I do, however, adore his collaboration with Stephen King with Talisman and Black House. That's how I first discovered Straub. A very unique and entertaining style of writing. *nods* I for one, would love to read something new from him.

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I'm glad you are planning to do the Straub novel. I've said it before
will continue to do so whenever afforded the opportunity ... Peter
puts out some of the best horror/frightening tales in modern times.
a very different writer from his well-known fellow horror writers like

Stephen King and Dean Koontz.


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Hello Fellow book junkies:)

I went back and did a search on the following books I have and will
scanning them in the coming weeks. The ones with an * are on the site

excellent quality. I did fine one with a good quality rating and will
rescan of that one. The rest I did see.

James Patterson
*The big bad wolf

James Patterson
*Midnight Club

James Patterson
Kiss the girls
Good quality so will rescan

James Patterson
*Jack and Jill

Peter Straub
Shadow Land

Michael Crichton
*Eaters of the dead

Iris Johansen
Blind Allie

Master Alchemist
Le Mystere Des Cathedrales

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Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the
moments that take your breath away:)

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