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Didn't he write a book, it was similar to black house about a weird
chemical thing that was causing people to lose there skin, there was a
house in the woods that was very similar to the house in Black house,
but I read this book I am thinking of under the influence of a lot of
Lortab when I broke my collar bone and have no clue what the name of it
was.  I do remember it was Straub, however.  

Rose Combs

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I much agree. I do, however, adore his collaboration with Stephen King
Talisman and Black House. That's how I first discovered Straub. A very 
unique and entertaining style of writing. *nods* I for one, would love
read something new from him.

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> I'm glad you are planning to do the Straub novel.  I've said it before
> will continue to do so whenever afforded the opportunity ... Peter
> puts out some of the best horror/frightening tales in modern times.
> a very different writer from his well-known fellow horror writers like

> Stephen King and Dean Koontz.
> Scott
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>> Hello Fellow book junkies:)
>> I went back and did a search on the following books I have and will
>> scanning them in the coming weeks. The ones with an * are on the site

>> with
>> excellent quality. I did fine one with a good quality rating and will
>> a
>> rescan of that one. The rest I did see.
>> James Patterson
>> *The big bad wolf
>> James Patterson
>> *Midnight Club
>> James Patterson
>> Kiss the girls
>> Good quality so will rescan
>> James Patterson
>> *Jack and Jill
>> Peter Straub
>> Shadow Land
>> Michael Crichton
>> *Eaters of the dead
>> Iris Johansen
>> Blind Allie
>> Fulcanelli
>> Master Alchemist
>> Le Mystere Des Cathedrales
>> Kaitlyn
>> Level III Practitioner
>> Reconnective healing and the Reconnection
>> Level 1 Reiki healing
>> Kaitlyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the
>> of
>> moments that take your breath away:)

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