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Hi Jamie, 


You can volunteer and earn your first membership. I did. I had so much here
to scan I went a little cheap and earned the first year. Plus Kurzweil, and
I think Openbook new purchasers  can get the $25 setup fee waved. 

Plus, say your first year runs out, you can wait a few months before you use
your credits for the next year. Once you earn  the $50 for a new year though
you lose anything beyond that until you sign up for the next year. Say you
have $50 or $150  it is considered the same when you renew. The total goes
for the next year and you start earning from zero. 



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Katie Hill 



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Thanks Cindy. Yes, she knows about the volunteering for credit and tries to
tell people about it. I think some people are just stubborn.


I assume a person can volunteer before becoming a subscriber and earn
credits for the initial fee? Because I'm not a subscriber and my account
shows how much credit I have. If I were to become eligible I assume I could
submit proof of disability and then use my credits to subscribe? Does it
work that way or does it only work that way in theory?



Jamie in Michigan 
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