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Hi, Jamie. I've already seen that many people have chimed in with this 
discussion, but for me, I prefer Bookshare. I do download some braille files 
from NLS's Web Braille, but Bookshare has given me so much more that if it's 
available from Bookshare, that's almost always where I get it. Bookshare has 
more of a selection, for one thing. Bookshare is able to get books quicker 
than NLS, and Bookshare has titles that NLS would never get. For me, anyway, 
Bookshare just has so much more to offer, but at the same time, they both 
have their place and I'm grateful to have both of them. NLS has talking 
books which I don't use because of my hearing impairment. If people can use 
their talking books, maybe they don't feel so cheated when it comes to 
getting titles in a more timely manner, but even with talking books, you can 
count on waiting a while, usually. That's another reason why I love 
Bookshare...I have access to every title they have, unlike with NLS. Take 
Julie Morales
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My friend sent this to me and asked me to ask opinions of the Bookshare 
volunteers. You can email me privately if you wish offlist at 

  My feeling is that for $50 a year for pretty much unlimited books, 
Bookshare does a very valuable service. I don't know and understand 
completely how NLS works but from helping her with some problems I spent a 
long time on hold with the Cleveland library trying to sort out her NLS 
account (she doesn't have a Braille tty set up right now) and they were very 
helpful but it takes time to get a physical book in the mail. With Bookshare 
the access is instant. As a sighted person, I'm almost jealous! I have to 
drive 10 miles to the library to get the books I want. and then I can only 
keep them for 3 weeks. So I think Bookshare is pretty great and I tell 
people about it all of the time.

  Anyway here is what she is asking:

This is from on of my DB friends. I thought you could share with the 
Volunteer list and send me any good things they have to say. (and your 

a debate going on about Bookshare and National
Library Service which should be providing braille readers with ANY braille 
they wish to read free of charge. One member said she knew of others who 
not afford to pay the $50 annual fee for Bookshare, and neither could she.
Another said that she'd like to be able to curl up in a chair and read a
brailled book. She's not sure how to download a book and convert it into
I don't know anything about how to do this. I was wondering if you could
give your view on Bookshare vs NLS and what the advantages or disadvantages
Why isn't the NLS doing what Bookshare is doing?

Jamie in Michigan
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