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I'd like the stripper to go as well. I take out headings, but leave page
numbers in for books I submit. A little thing like a page number doesn't
distract from reading, IMO, and it can be such a necessary piece of
information to have! It was always an annoyance with braille books that the
numbers didn't match with the ones in the print edition, so I really do
appreciate having page numbers in tact on Bookshare.

Just another two cents worth. :)


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> I agree, in fact take a look of one of the new books Desperate measures
> you will see that the stripper didn't get all the headers because
> the OCR programs put the headers further down at the top. If customers
> want headers and bookshare makes that a requirement that before a book is
> submitted for final aproval, all headers must be stripped. This would
> the headers would be gone any way and yes even if the headers at the top
> pages are entirely correct, they should be gone anyway. As far as chapters
> go though, that could be a minor convience since they don't turn out
> sometimes. Just my two sense worth, will go with the guidelines of
> bookshare.
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> > Let's scrap it.  I leave in page numbers and breaks but take out the
> > author's name and the title at the top of pages carefully letter by
> > as I go.  The messiness at the top makes bookshare books come across as
> > messy output.
> >
> > I think we can learn to do this well so the stripper is not necessary.
> > Obsessing about it means validating books takes much too long as witness
> > the discussion on the list.  If we can get the ocr package people to get
> > the remove headers to work that would be good.  What is the judgement
> > about the one in version 9?
> >
> > E.
> >
> >
> >
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