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You've hit the nail on the head with your header stripper comments. Wholesale 
dumping of the stripper and resultant torent of unwanted repeditive junk at the 
top of each page would be a huge detractor from the 
over all readability of the collection imho. I'd love to see the stripper made 
more intelligent so it could somehow also get rid of garbled headers. That 
might be too much to ask; but it would certainly  be nice.

>The stripper needs to be refined and not completely removed.  As I've
>already said in one of my e-mails, it's not only the stripper that's at
>fault.  The DAISY conversion tool along with the Braille Conversion tool is
>probably also at fault.  Let's not haste into something that we ay regret.
>Yes, there are imperfections; yes, there are difficulties with the tools
>that Bookshare uses.  But, frankly, we can use more tools and not less.
>Marissa's suggestions are absolutely essential.  We all find that we have
>different experiences with various tools and we'll need to bring our
>difficulties to someone who will carefully evaluate the problem/s and come
>up with a statement of these problems before deciding what needs to be done
>with it.


>Pratik Patel
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>Office of Special Services
>Queens College
>CUNY Assistive Technology Services
>The City University of New York
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>Let's scrap it.  I leave in page numbers and breaks but take out the 
>author's name and the title at the top of pages carefully letter by letter 
>as I go.  The messiness at the top makes bookshare books come across as 
>messy output.

>I think we can learn to do this well so the stripper is not 
>necessary.  Obsessing about it means validating books takes much too long 
>as witness the discussion on the list.  If we can get the ocr package 
>people to get the remove headers to work that would be good.  What is the 
>judgement about the one in version 9?


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