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I think there's a misperception about the stripper. It also strips page numbers, chapter headings and any other heading that is repeated more then once. Sometimes it even strips the word prologue and epilogue.

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I vote for scrapped. I don't really see what good it
does. Maybe I just don't understand its function. My
understanding is that  it will strip headers if it
sees repetitions but will leave things alone when the
first word or character on each page is different.
Which means that if the page number is up there on the
first line with the header, the header will be left
alone. Often, the headers are scrambled and so they
are not repetitive, and then they, too, theoretically
are left alone. So either the book goes to the
collection with the headers intact, scrambled or o.k.,
or we eliminate them manually or by doing a global
replace with nothing.

Am I missing something? Is there something beneficial
to the book that the stripper does?


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Hey Tracy,

Rather than issuing a plaintive cry to the bksvol
list, how about we
tackle this constructively? Send me the validated
copy of a book that
you feel has been mutilated by the stripper and is
currently live on
Bookshare, so the two copies can be compared. Point
out where you think
the stripper did its unjust work, and then we can
evaluate it from
there. By using this evidence, we can begin to
figure out how the
stripper can either be adjusted or possibly

Sound like a plan? This invitation is extended to


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You know, I could validate faster, if I didn't have
to look at every
page to
make sure that damn stripper wasn't going to take
out text, not just

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