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Some folks like a neat and tidy list, I like one with lots of choices.  I'd be 
delighted to validate books that I know are on recommended reading lists that 
will mean they are read by many young folks.


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Thanks for your help!  I have several of the music books here at home, waiting 
for me to validate them.  They are so messed up, I have to do them myself.

Since Bookshare got that grant to put textbooks into the collection, Claire 
gave me a list of  books on teacher recommended reading lists (elementary 
through high school) that are rated good in the collection.  I picked up 25 of 
them (half the list) at a used bookstore this weekend.  I was intending to scan 
the books and submit them as BSOs, but I don't want to foul up your scheme of 
clearing out the BSOs by Christmas.  Want me to wait until after Christmas to 
submit them?  I'm hoping that there will be relatively few books on our 
December and
 January bestseller lists, so I can validate a lot of them myself.


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Hi, everybody. Carrrie has
been hard at work supplying Bookshare readers with majorly improved
copies of a lot of science fiction books that were virtually unreadable
before she tackled them. I see a bunch of these that are still on step
1. You can find them quickly if you have your screenreader search for
the letters BSO. At our request, she also processed a bunch of books
about classical music and some classic mysteries too. Who wants to join
me in getting her hard work into the collection? I'm not a sci fi fan,
but I know many people enjoy these books. I'm taking a book now. I hope
it's interesting. Maybe I'll like it. Whether I do or not, the
important thing for me is to support Carrie and improve the quality of
our collection. By Christmas, let's have no BSO titles left behind.

Monica Willyard

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