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Thanks for the reviews, Pratik. There's a copy of
Bleak House at my library used-book store but it's so
big, and I think maybe I'll pass on that, given your
review. I did buy Pickwick Papers, also thick. I guess
that's what I'd heard about it -- that it was funny
and had good characters -- and I'll see if I can find
a copy of Little Dorrit. BTW, after reading how you
wrote her name, and having the feeling that I hadn't
spelled it correctly, I just checked; we both spelled
in incorrectly. It should be d o r r i t -- not that
it matters, since both of our earlier spellings sound
the same. (smile)--but I know you are somewhat of a
perfectionist, (smile) as am I.


--- Pratik Patel <pratikp1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Almost all Dickens' novels are depressing.  "A Tale
> of Two Cities" has some
> excellent passages, but I find to be quite
> unrealistic.  I agree with
> Kellie's assessment of Oliver Twist.  "Pickwick
> Papers" is incredibly funny,
> one of his funniest, I think.  "Little Dorret" is 
> the best, in my opinion.
> "Bleak House" has one of the most incredibly
> unrealistic characters as one
> of its protagonists, Ms. Summerset, and one has to
> ask: "what the heck was
> Dickens thinking?"  Especially in a novel that deals
> with so much reality,
> the chapters dealing with that character are
> absolutely "brain sores."  I
> enjoy "David Copperfield's" language.
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> My favorite is Tale of Two Cities.
> I find the others depressing, i.e., David
> Copperfield
> and Oliver Twist. I haven't read Bleak House,
> though,
> which I've been told is good, nor Little Dorritt or
> The Pickwick Papers. Has anyone read those and care
> to
> comment on them? 
> Cindy
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