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I am interested in why you think Tale of Two Cities is unrealistic.  Is it
because of Sydney Carton dying in place of Lucy's husband??  Or is it
because of the shoemaker part?  Or just in general??

Sue S.

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Almost all Dickens' novels are depressing.  "A Tale of Two Cities" has some
excellent passages, but I find to be quite unrealistic.  I agree with
Kellie's assessment of Oliver Twist.  "Pickwick Papers" is incredibly funny,
one of his funniest, I think.  "Little Dorret" is  the best, in my opinion.
"Bleak House" has one of the most incredibly unrealistic characters as one
of its protagonists, Ms. Summerset, and one has to ask: "what the heck was
Dickens thinking?"  Especially in a novel that deals with so much reality,
the chapters dealing with that character are absolutely "brain sores."  I
enjoy "David Copperfield's" language.

Pratik Patel
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My favorite is Tale of Two Cities.

I find the others depressing, i.e., David Copperfield
and Oliver Twist. I haven't read Bleak House, though,
which I've been told is good, nor Little Dorritt or
The Pickwick Papers. Has anyone read those and care to
comment on them?


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