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  • Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 18:23:32 -0800

Hi, Paula. If they look confusing on the Braille Lite, they would probably 
be confusing to a lot of us, too, depending on how you'll be reading the 
book. Maybe just writing the text in that's contained in the table in an 
understandable order would be the best thing to do. Take care.
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    Thanks, Sarah. My husband is willing to help me straighten out the
tables, but when he asked me the best way to fix them, I wasn't sure. Should
we just try to make them as much like they are in the book as possible? The
tables look confusing on my Braille Lite, but visually they may be fine.

    Thanks again.. Paula

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> If they scan okay, leave the tables in.  If they didn't scan well at all
> either edit the table in Word, so it is readable, or remove it with a
> note in brackets saying the table is missing because it was
> unrecognizable.
> Sarah Van Oosterwijck

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