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Hey Tony,
    I guess what I was trying to say is, why is a volunteer reminding other
volunteers what to do when it's with respect to something that staff must
know about. I mean, if BookShare admins don't know that material is quoted
from the book.....
    Therefore if it was of concern, BookShare admins would have already
addressed it on the list. So, if you think they are overlooking something,
wouldn't it be best to write them directly?
    I know Gustavo occasionally comments on the list, but it is not clear
that he reads every message. I know I attempt to, but I also know that
things that are sent directly to me are read first.
    You also mention asking previously for fficial statements. Did you do
that on or off list?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, if things are happening on the site
already, you should write to  a staff member first. After all, if you are
indeed correct, then having volunteers stop doing it is the last step. We
would need to get the offending material off the website ----- Original
Message -----  and so that's why a BookShare admin would be best to answer
the question.

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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Copyrights and synopses

> Hi.  Likewise, my response to you is that the reason why I posted on list
> is because I was simply addressing what I felt the policy was.  I was
> by my understanding of the validation instructions I received.  The staff
> do read this list and can choose to comment or not as they wish, so no I
> will not write to Gustavo.  I am sorry that you feel like I'm telling you
> what to do.  I am doing no such thing, I'm not legally responsible so
> ultimately it doesn't matter to me.  So please don't tell me what to do
> either.  I have asked previously for an official statement on various
> things with none forthcoming, just to avoid these kinds of disputes.  I'm
> happy to back off if I am incorrect but I am only going by my
> of policy.  If quotes are indeed OK from other sources, that's fine with
> At 11:47 PM 5/30/2005 -0500, you wrote:
> >     As yu will note, I said previously, these books and their
> >documentation, copyright, synopsis, etc. are reviewed by BookShare
> >Administration before going live on to the site where search engines can
> >at it. I'm sure Gustavo and whoever else has a hand in approving books is
> >well aware that we as volunteers/submitters regularly include dust
> >in their entirety.
> >     I would suggest that if you are this concerned about fair use that
> >write to Gustavo and ask his opinion as a staff member. All bringing this
> >on the list does is get a lot of opinions,  wrong information circulated,
> >and one volunteer telling another what to do when that volunteer admits
> >lacking knowledge of BookShare policy. This is something that a BookShare
> >staff member needs to address not you or any other volunteer who thinks
> >know the law best.
> >     I know that probably sounds harsh, but it seems that this is
> >that should go directly to admins as we as volunteers cannot dictate the
> >habbits of others.
> >
> >The policy discussed in the past dealt with synopsis from places like
> >Amazon.com. These obviously are synopsis NOT on the book therefore, we
> >should not copy them directly. Paraphrasing is of course permitted.
> >
> >Perhaps I'm right and perhaps you are, I simply and going with that all
> >submissions have been accepted.
> >
> >Jake
> Tony Baechler
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