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  • Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 21:15:05 -0700

Hi. I am aware of this and wasn't trying to pick on you. I fully understand where you are coming from and in principle it's fine. However, fair use has its limits and even though the publisher quotes the page from the book on the jacket, I don't think that you quoting it on a public site would still qualify as fair use. Remember that anyone including search engines can see the long synopsis. If it was only restricted to members, I wouldn't have said anything about it, but try looking for books that you know are on bookshare.org with something like google and they will show the synopses. I know this from experience.

Again, quoting the actual text of the jacket is fine and not a problem. It's just quoting reviews from other publications or text from the inside of the book that causes problems, even if such text appears on that book's jacket. Maybe I'm completely wrong here and if so I apologize, but I remember something about not quoting reviews directly from other sources being discussed here some time ago.

At 04:16 AM 5/30/2005 -0500, you wrote:

    When I quote something as being from inside the book, I am actually
pulling out text that the publisher pulled out. Often there is a page at the
beginning of a Hardy Boys book, with a dramatic scene pulled out. This is
the type of thing that would appear on the dust jacket if the book had one.

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