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Thank you.

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  I am thinking Shelley wanted to scan that one and I was going to proof it.  
If she gets behind and wants to reverse it, though, I am almost certain it is 
one I have and can scan it.


  Take care!




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  I was wondering do y'all who are doing those Cherry Ames books,

  have the second one the book where she graduates from nursing school

  and if you do,

  would it be possible in your proofs and scans soon to put it up,

  I know some other Cherry Ames were being talked about the other day,

  I see 1 and 3 and was kind of hoping for 2

  just to get her  graduated then I can read them how they come it's neat to 
read them in order but they seem like you could go on with any one after she 
gets out of school thanks.


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