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Yes, it was Shelley. Thesse are the ones she said she'll scan: Cherry Ames, 
Chief Nurse by Helen Wells, will be scanned by Shelley

Cherry Ames, Senior Nurse,  by Helen Wells will be scanned by Shelley

Cherry Ames, Camp Nurse by Helen Wells  will be scanned by Shelley

Cherry Ames,  Dude Ranch Nurse (#14 in series)  by Helen) Tatham, Julie Wells 
and Frontis  will be scanned by Shelley

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I can't remember who it was, Shelley?, Who was going to scan more Cherry
Ames books. I won some on an eBay auction, and will be glad to scan them to
complement what she can get.

Cherry Ames Chief Nurse - 1944. 
Cherry Ames Mountaineer Nurse - 1951. 
Cherry Ames Clinic Nurse - 1952. 
Cherry Ames Senior Nurse - 1944. 
Cherry Ames Camp Nurse - 1957.
Cherry Ames Rural Nurse - 1961.

I also picked up a lot of Bobbsey Twin books and a pair of Vicki Barr flight
stewardess books in addition to some other miscellaneous children's books. 

Thanks everyone for their patience and help you've given both Doug and I as
we get our feet wet!


Please pray for Doug's Dad & visit his website:



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