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To add to Allison's point, "all" and I mean "all" books are worth putting
into an accessible collection no matter how graphically oriented it might
be.  Perhaps my thinking is a bit naïve,--hey, I'm allowed my faults--but,
no matter what the books' content, it is as much a part of the cultural
discourse as something that does not have images or something that has
unacceptable content by arbitrary standards.  And, to exclude any person,
whether she be "disabled" from accessing such content is to categorically
deny her a voice in the cultural discourse.  Perhaps Bookshare does not have
the capacity to provide image descriptions at this time, but that is not to
say that such things cannot be done sometime in the future.  Future can be
as short or as long as one might imagine it to be.  And, I've learned not to
exclude any possibilities, no matter how remote  they appear to be at this

I'm sorry about my rant.  I'm sure you probably meant your comment to only
raise a question regarding current allocation of resources and whether the
volunteers should spend their precious time providing access to material
that people may not necessarily have access to.  But Allison's already
discussed that point quite nicely.

Pratik Patel
Interim Director
Office of Special Services
Queens College
CUNY Assistive Technology Services
The City University of New York
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The Caldecott Medal is awarded " the artist who had
created the most distinguished picture book of the
year."  In some cases, I discovered as I did some
research to be sure I was correct, a book is nominated
for both the Caldecott and the Newbery, and then the
committees decide inder whch category to place it.

Since it is the illustrations and not the story for
which the book wins the award, and illustrations can
only be described and not, as far as I know, actually
included in books in the bookshare collection, is it
really worthwhile to make a special effort to have
them in the collection? 


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