[AZ-Observing] Re: NGC 4490(Cocoon Galaxy) and NGC 4485

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Like so many other images posted to this website, this is absolutely
excellent work.  

To make a comparison, I looked at the original Arp catalog.  Actually, it's
my photocopy of the 1978 reprint.  It is amazing how much more detail you
have, and Arp was using a 200-inch.  Wonderful!   I don't know this area of
the sky well enough to answer your question on the stray light processing.


Thank you,


Bob Gent  


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Here is a pair of interacting galaxies you don't see very often. They have

already collided or interacted, leaving each with an irregular shape. It is

believed they were both spiral galaxies before their interaction. I have

shown the cropped version, but you can click on the link for the uncropped

version. There are dozens of faint galaxies in the uncropped version. I also

had some stray light in this image and I used a Photoshop technique to fix

it. I am curious if anyone can tell what part of the image was fixed. I have

never tried this technique before and I am curious to know if it is obvious.






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