[AZ-Observing] M101 Uploaded to Pbase

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  • Date: Fri, 4 May 2012 21:39:09 -0700


I uploaded an image I took of M101 last month to PBase.




I could have used another 60 minutes of ?Lights? to increase detail and
color but M101 was approaching the zenith.  There?s also some differential
flexure between the imaging scope and guiding setup.  Focus was a bit off.
Tracking was shot at 2 second intervals and was OK.  It could have been
better.  I think the tracking star was SAO 28988. The stock AstroTech
focuser was replaced with a MoonLite focuser.  No filters were used.  The
image was shot ~11 miles SE of Fredericksen Meadow through some camp-fire
smoke (34°34?22.98N/111°19?59.17W).  There was little to no wind.  The image
is JPEG ? 8 Bit.  In all I am happy with the image.


In the image I can identify the following NGC objects:

-          NGC 5474 Spiral Galaxy

-          NGC 5447

-          NGC 5461

-          NGC 5462

-          NGC 5471

-          NGC 5449

-          NGC 5451

-          NGC 5477 Spiral Galaxy

-          NGC 5485 Spiral Galaxy

-          NGC 5473 Elliptical Galaxy

-          NGC 5422 Spiral Galaxy


Imaging Scope ? 8? F/4 AstroTech with MPCC

Guide Scope ? 80mm F/5 Refractor

Guider ? Orion SSAG, PHD Guide 1.13.4

Mount ? Celestron CGEM (stock mount)

Camera ? Canon T3i (G. Honis Modified)

Imaging ? 18ea 420 Second Lights @ ISO 800, 18 Darks, Bias and Flats.
Ambient Temp ? ~9 degrees Celsius.  Chip temperature was about 19 degrees

Processing SW ? ImagesPlus 4.50A, Saved to JPEG ? 8Bits, TIFF File

Image Acquisition SW ? Backyard EOS 2.0.3



Jim Waters


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