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Thanks for this information. I had to wait till Amanda got home to click the
next button and then the finish button. They are a pain on the windows side
of things as well, but I believe they are coming out with some self


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Okay if you have an app that says not responding, or doesn't seem to be, do
command option escape.  That brings up othintication window.  If you can't
find it you may have to go into the window chooser to find the othintication
window that is VO keys f2 twice, the f2 that is while holding down the VO
keys.  Interact in the table in othintication, find the app, then back out.
You don't have to click the app, then click force quit.  A dialog will come
up tell it to force quit again and it will force it.  That can also relaunch
finder for you too.  Strangely enough sometimes you may have to do it.  


As for flash installers and updates, those are a pain.  Just use your tab
key to find the function you want it to do, then try either your return key
or spacebar.  Using the VO spacebar doesn't seem to work.  Same with stuff
involving Java both of those are problematic.  They are both also in
accessibility of your system preferences.  Why they are there I don't know,
but they have been since Mavericks came out.  


In fact with Java to check i think it opens up the Java window and you then
have to do VO m to see the apple menu then you have it check for updates.
Even if you set these things to automatically update, they don't always do
it, or it might be a day later than when it comes out, although since you
live in the Eastern time zone, maybe not.  A buddy of mine in Ohio gets his
updates ahead of me over 90% of the time.  Sometimes mine are almost a day
later if I just wait for them.  So when he tells me of an update then I go
check sometimes they are available and sometimes they aren't.  


On Aug 13, 2014, at 1:48 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I found the one that shuts down the computer quickly by accident. I had the
help keys on going through those keys trying to figure everything out. I
thought maybe the mute key had been activated, then I realized the computer
had been shut down. I am in the process of trying to install Adobe Flash
Player, but it doesn't seem to be taking. At one time I had about three
flash player installers on the computer *LOL*. Then I got it narrowed down
to one. However, when I go to the html window I make my selection and then I
click next and nothing seems to be happening. I could have kicked myself one
time. I waited and waited, I hit the next button a few times without any
success. So, after a while I decide to shut down the window and it quits but
not before telling me that Adobe was 90% installed. I have found the force
shut down keys to if a program is not responding.


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Command q.  Command w closes windows sometimes, command q the app, don't
need vo keys for everything there are key commands universal to mac as well.
Control option command eject for example is a fast way to power off your
machine.  Handy if a storm is coming up fast.  I know those don't happen
often where you live, but lightning where you live can reach fast.  That
avoids the dialogs etc.  If your phone is hooked on the machine at same time
you will hear it blip as it switches over to battery power and that is a
good confirmation that the machine is off, besides the lack of VO and the
click on your volume controls of course.  


On Aug 13, 2014, at 7:41 AM, Josh < <mailto:lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Hey Tom,

   I know that pressing VO keys and I believe shift with the letter q or
just VO keys and the q key shuts down the programs, but it shuts down
everything including voiceover. Is there a way to close out programs without
shutting down voiceover?  


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