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Oh, like sociology. The study of social behavior. Psychology, for psychological behavior, so then criminology for criminals. Makes sense. We did study a bit about criminals in my sociology class back in 2008, and how they developed these behaviors. It was actually a very interesting class.

On 12/16/2014 6:58 AM, Josh wrote:

I would say. In actuality I was supposed to take Criminal Justice after taking Criminology so I am taking them backwards. However, I had always thought Criminology was the study of criminals. In essence it is, but according to my Criminal Justice Prof. Criminology is the study of criminal behavior.

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Doesn’t criminology cover all of those others?  *lol*.

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    Well, the grades are not on official transcript yet, but I can
    report that I have an A in Marriage and Family roles and intimate
    relationships, an A in Family Stress, an A in Criminal Justice, an
    an A- in The Modern World System. This means that all of my
    requirements are done, now I only have electives left in order to
    graduate. Perhaps I will take Badminton **LOL**. No, just kidding,
    I already have all my class chosen for next semester. My classes
    next semester are as follows: Diversity Among Families, Human
    Sexuality, Human Development, and Criminology.

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